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Real fresh salmon are used in the production of our Kronch Premium feed. As a result, it is rich in the important omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, while also containing each and every one of the essential amino acids.


Salmon proteins have a high absorption rate and are easy to digest (see the protein scale). As a result, the cat will eat less and produce smaller stools.


Kronch Premium contains lots of salmon oil, and because all ingredients are extruded using the gentlest of methods, the positive properties of the salmon oil are transferred to the feed. Read more about cold pressed salmon oil here.


Kronch Premium has a very positive effect on your cat's skin and coat, and helps to prevent allergies, hair loss, itching, dull coat, dandruff and dry skin.


Futhermore, the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids from the fresh salmon help to:

•     give the cat healthy skin and a beautiful shiny coat.

•     strengthen the immune system and increase fertility.

•     reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Kronch Premium is balanced in accordance with the AAFCO norms, which ensures that the cat's daily nutritional needs for protein, fat, vitamins and minerals are optimally covered. Kronch Premium Adult is also suitable for neutralised cats, as it helps to prevent urinary tract stones and hairballs.






Premium tørfoder til voksne katte
  • Generel info

    Premium complete feed for fully grown cats.


    Kronch Adult is a healthy and tasty complete feed of the highest quality for cats with normal energy needs. It is based on real fresh salmon, and helps to counteract the creation of urinary tract stones and hairballs. Furthermore, it helps to minimise intensity of the odours coming from the litter box.


    Kronch Adult is packed in small resealable bags of 750 g. This helps keep the feed fresh and prevents it from becoming dry and unappealing.


    Kronch Adult is produced without the use of artificial colouring and additives.

  • Composition


    Fresh salmon, fish meal, chicken meal, corn, rice, spray dried pig’s blood, chicken fat, peas, dried salmon, flaxseed, dried sugar beet pulp, vitamin/micro minerals mixture, dried chicken liver, lecithin, zeolomineral, sea salt, sodium hydrogen sulfate, choline chloride, DL-methionine, taurine, citric acid, dried chicory root, dried carrots, dried organic kelp, dried alfalfa, ginger, yarrow, marigold flowers, milk thistle, nettle, toccopherols, ascorbyl palmitate, ascorbic acid, dried dandelion, rosemary and yucca extract.


    Energy per 100 g

    Crude protein

    Crude fat

    Crude fiber

    Crude ash


    370 kcal

    37,0 g

    18,0 g

    2,6 g

    7,6 g

    8,0 g

  • Feeding instructions

    The feed table is indicative. Always remember to ensure access to fresh water.

    Weight of cat

    2 - 3 kg

    3 - 4 kg

    4 - 5 kg

    5 - 6 kg

    6 - 8 kg

    8 - 10 kg

    Amount of feed/day

    35 - 55 g

    45 - 65 g

    55 - 75 g

    65 - 85 g

    75 - 95 g

    85 - 105 g

  • Vitamins and Minerals

    Minerals per kg:


    Calcium (Ca) 1,3 %

    Phosphorous (P) 1,0 %

    Magnesium (Mg) 0,1 %

    Sodium (Na) 0,5 %

    Potassium (K) 0,60 %

    Iron (Fe) 264 mg

    Zink (Zn) 162 mg

    Copper (Cu) 15 mg

    Manganese (Mn) 20 mg

    Iodine (I) 2 mg

    Cobolt (Co) 0,02 mg

    Selenium (Se) 0,61 mg


    pH-value 6,37

    Vitamins per kg:


    Vitamin A 21.600 i.e.

    Vitamin D3 1.800 i.e.

    Vitamin E 270 mg

    Vitamin B1 6,4 mg

    Vitamin B2 12,2 mg

    Vitamin B6 6,3 mg

    Vitamin B12 0,063 mg

    D-Pantothenic acid 59,54 mg

    Niacin 63,9 mg

    Choline 1.500 mg

    Folic acid 2,2 mg

    Biotin 1,1 mg

    Vitamin C 99 mg

    Taurine 1,3 g

Koldpresset lakseolie til katte
  • Generel info

    Cold pressed salmon oil for cats


    A tasty salmon oil of the highest quality. The salmon oil is naturally rich in the essential omega -3 and -6 fatty acids, which have a beneficial effect on the cat's health.


    Omega-3 and -6 are important, as they help strengthen the cat's immune system. Omega-3 and -6 are also precisely the fatty acids that the organism is most often lacking. If the organism receives insufficient amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, the dog will develop deficiency based diseases, including:


    • gout

    • allergy

    • poor immune system

    • eczema

    • sickly coat and cracked hairs

    • increased shedding

    • poor wound healing

    • poor growth

    • poor renal function

    • liver disorders

    • dermatitis

    • Generally dysfunctional glands throughout the body, including the gonads

  • Kronch Salmon Oil is different!

    Kronch Salmon Oil contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in just the right ratio, making it ideal as a nutritional supplement for your cat.


    Kronch Salmon is extracted by cold pressing fresh salmon at low temperatures. Cold pressing is a very gentle extraction technique, that ensures that the fatty acids do not decompose and lose their positive effects. Cold pressing also produces very concentrated salmon oil, making it more economical to use. Fish oils are commonly extracted by boiling many different types of fish. However, fish oils extracted by boiling contain many more saturated acids, and therefore do not have the same positive effects.


    Kronch Salmon Oil is equipped with a practical dosage pump, that makes it both easy and hygienic to use.


    Kronch Salmon Oil is produced as a pure natural product without using preservatives or artificial colouring/flavouring.


  • Composition

    Crude fat


    Fatty acids per 100 ml

    Saturated fatty acids

    Unsaturated fatty acids

    Polyunsaturated fatty acids

         of which omega 3 fatty acids

         - of which EPA

         - DHA

         omega 6 fatty acids

    99,0 g



    21,50 g

    35,00 g

    32,50 g

    26,25 g

    8,75 g

    11,25 g

    3,75 g

  • Feeding instructions

    Weight of cat

    0 - 5 kg

    5 - 10 kg

    10 - 15 kg

    Pump strokes (2 ml)





Godbidder til katte med 100% frisk laks
  • Generel info

    Grain free treats for cats, made from 100% fresh salmon.


    LakseMønch is a grain free pure natural product, made from 100% fresh salmon. The salmon is gently dried, so that all of the positive properties of the salmon are retained.


    The treats are naturally rich in the essential omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. Salmon proteins have a high absorption rate and are very easy to digest. LakseMønch is truly a luxury treat in a class of its own, which is both healthy and tasty.

  • Composition

    Analytical constituents per 100 g


    Crude protein

    Crude fat

         of which polyunsaturated fatty acids

         of which EPA


    Crude ash



    570 kcal

    39,8 g

    44,9 g

    12600 mg

    1340 mg

    2090 mg

    10,3 g

    7,0 g

  • Feeding instructions

    LakseMønch should not exceed 20% of the cat's daily diet.

Kronch Adult

Kronch Salmon Oil


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